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  back stitch 18
May 2013  

A tale of minor irritations, sushi, wool, misguided attempts at crafting and a life filled with tea and mild confusion.

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09:06pm 16/05/2013
Miss Scarf

This thing knows where I am! That's a bit scary.

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Tired little vegan  
09:05pm 16/05/2013
Miss Scarf

Well, I don't think the latter has any effect on the former. But still, I am shattered. Work rumbles on, pink, busy, bit disheartening. Though I think I have found some decent roles to apply for, it's just so hard some days, commute, work, commute, run (sometimes anyway) make food, then at around eight thirty turn on the computer for job hunting.

I know it's what needs to be done, but why does it have to feel so hard?! Basically I need to win the lottery. I'm bad breeding stock, so that's out of the question, can't stay chained to the big pink grind stone much longer, so big lottery win, that's the way forward.

So, speaking of breeding, my brilliant best buddy Bev (alliteration. Boom!) had her baby a few weeks ago, so last weekend, hutto & I took the train Homeham to meet her. She's lovely (of course, she's the issue of BBBBev) and because she's still only tiny, pretty quiet. Except at night, or if bathed. So that was, well, lovely, special and a tiny bit a weird. Suddenly, here's this tiny new person, all full of life and potential. Plus she looks adorable in a onsie. I did harbour a tiny niggle of worry that meeting baby might suddenly ignite crazy baby hormones in me. But even when she was being held by Hutton, no maternal longings.

I guess an alternative to the lottery win might be some sort of apocalypse? I'm enjoying a running app called Zombies! Run! And whilst I'd probably not survive the fall of humanity, but, should I, then I'd not have to worry about my job, buying a house, being a grown up, get furious at our awful government. All I'd have to concentrate on would be not getting my face torn off by a member of the shuffling undead. Which some days really seems like a good swap.

Got a new tattoo. Alas, it's decided not too take properly and it's come out very faded. So will be back to the parlour for a touch up. Somehow it still feels like a failure on my part!

But tomorrow brings Friday. Phew.

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Is this thing still on?  
02:50pm 01/05/2013
Miss Scarf

Well. There's an app for it. So I'm going to try, probably fail, to check in more often and see how you lovely lot are doing.

Sadly for me, nothing has altered. Same job. Same old Leeree. Well, not quite true. I had part of my mutant lump removed. I was hoping they'd take it all out, but the surgeon didn't. So I still have a lump and the fun memory of the revenge of the remaining abnormal tissue. It got hella swollen. Looked like I was carrying a boiled egg around with me. It wobbled as well. It was not a look I carried off well. It went down eventually, though the stitches looked like the grimacing mouth on an angry face. But vanity prevails. I'm going to try and have the rest sliced off. This has meant going to the specialist NF unit at Guys. Which is where I went this morning.

It's always a good morning when the nice Dr gets to see you in your pants. As it's a specialist unit, I'm now going to be seen yearly, which will be a bit weird. After having no real contact with any aspect of my NF, it's going to be interesting to see it monitored. It hasn't changed much ever, so also possibly a bit dull. At least the Dr today at least understood I was joking when she warned me about scaring after surgery. They said this last time and I always say something glib along the lines of, 'well, chicks dig scars' or 'I think I can style out a scar' normally they either don't realise I'm joking, or it's not amusing. Okay it isn't hilarious, but just a little smile? No? But today Dr understood. Hurrah!

I'm also having counselling. I can get six free sessions through my work health scheme. After my umpteenth failed interview, thought it might help. I'm currently not so sure. I keep swearing in my sessions. I'm not sure if the councillor appreciates potty mouth. I was hoping it'd help me get back some confidence. But aye that has to come from me and not bitching about my failings to a well meaning lady in plumstead. I think it has helped in the fact I've faced up to the realisation I have no idea what I want out of my life. So I'm going to do a five year plan. A two year plan maybe. Five is a bit scary.
My best friend had a baby! So I'm officially a fake auntie! I'm going to do my best to be a bad influence. Bestie is religious, so will buy it loads of dinosaur stuff!

Anyway, how the devil are you guys?

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Applying for jobs....  
11:24pm 13/02/2011
Miss Scarf
Christ, it takes ages.
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Not dead.  
05:22pm 23/11/2010
Miss Scarf
I've just had a lot of stuff to do ok?

like weddings, birthdays, wildfoul watching, errr....when the heck did i last update?

I've aged a year since.
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All quiet on LJ  
11:45am 10/10/2010
Miss Scarf
It's very quiet at the moment!

I'll update soon.
but first we need to get some groceries.

We have run out of tea,

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08:25pm 29/09/2010
Miss Scarf
Today was not the best day to forget my umbrella.
Today was not the best day to leave the house, feel a few spots of rain & dismiss it.

Today I got wet.
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Ahh retribution  
08:26pm 05/08/2010
Miss Scarf

I'm doing a charity run in September.

5k might not be that far. But it's still more than enough to render me a scary wheezing red faced mess. Whilst me colleagues no doubt sail past me on winged feet looking cool and unruffled.

I'm so ruffly you could wrap me round the neck of an elizabethan gentleman. And he would look daper.

Anyway. Running has been a bit more of an effort recently. Now, this is in some part the fault of the blazing heat, but I've been doing less, so my form (as it stands) has dropped. Still from crap to crapper. Peter to Paul. Coke to pepsi. Godzilla to Gamera.

Anyway. signed up. Doing it. Going to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Not only my employer, but the brightest & best of all the breast cancer charities. World class reasearch centre, doing things which I don't understand, but make my jaw drop a bit. (it makes all the data entry worth while. sometimes.)

Stu and I took in Predators last night. Usually hot Adrian Brody was all super buff & square, with a tiny wee head pearched on his mighty muscular torso. He looked a bit wrong.
But the film was very much dumb, but fun. Spines torn asunder, samuri battles in a moonlit field. Topher Grace finally gets his comeuppance for Spiderman 3. It's  been a long time coming little man.


Where the hell.. home
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no jumbo ultra mega chunky  
02:00pm 04/08/2010
Miss Scarf
Went to john lewis to try & buy wool.

All i got was hot and stressed & angry at tourists.

fail. My cushion will remain a one quarter square for a bit longer.
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The good North  
09:58pm 12/07/2010
Miss Scarf
Went North at the weekend. Which seemed like the sensible thing to do. Friday was just disorientatingly hot. Not that nice at all. We took the cheap slow London Midland train out. Certainly cheap. But took nigh on three hours. Not the best way to be honest.

Nantwhich was nice though. Stocked up on wool from Mary on Saturday. Mary has a stall in the market hall. Mary was just about the nicest lady ever & we had a good natter about knitting. Mary & Mrs H have encouraged me to start a proper project, so I'm going to start of a tank top. The phrase simple was used, not to describe me, but just to smooth the way for foolhardy attempts at making my own things. It sounds simple enough. Ribbing, garter, some finishing I can't so, but sure I could get some help with.

I am currently making a scarf.

Stripey bastards. I have a clutch of these already.

Came home with some bounty from Mr H's allotment.

Had a frankly idiotic argument with Stu this morning which culminated in me leaving for work without him.
Then at lunchtime, passport photos. Just horrible. I know I'm not winning any beauty pagents soon. But even for me these are bad & I was in such a crapppy mood after fighting with Stu I couldn't be bothered to have them redone. I might go again tomorrow. I am vain enough to be depressed by such things & have no wish to be depressed everytime I try & go on holiday.
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No more knitting  
01:52pm 23/06/2010
Miss Scarf
I'll be knitless on Tuesdays now. I wish the class was a bit longer as I could really do with some more practise. Only last night did i twig that the wool has to be wrapped anti-clockwise. Anti! It matters! How can it matter? I do not know.

I've got a simple pattern (for my simple mind). So i will be trying gauntlets. Basically a tube. so a nice flat rectangle. Sew in to a tubeular thing.

My ribbing was undone by my inability to remember knit two, purl two, k2, p2, k2, p2. I've got two trunks of rib, but then it just goes to hell.

Might be doing Boxercise next Tuesday. Will I regret this? Yes.

Mother Payton is on London today, after she has metaphorically ingested the delights of the British Museum, we are going to meet for dinner.
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Wine Whine  
10:32pm 17/06/2010
Miss Scarf
I don't think I can drink wine any more. I had two small glasses at Stu's work art show & my face went strawberry colour & felt as big as Jimmy Carrs. Puffy Red woman. Bad times.

The art was very good however.

Work remains busy.
Where the hell.. Home
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Misguided Crafting  
02:43pm 08/06/2010
Miss Scarf
Knitting later.

I'll most likely end up a frustrated mess of tears, wound up in an antemacasa of yarn & will have paid £65 for the privillage.

But I can only try these things can't I.
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Yum yum  
09:01pm 22/02/2010
Miss Scarf
Had crumpets & beans for tea. Followed by baked apple.

This was good eating :D
Whats that sound.. mogwai
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Get a room vulpine bastards!  
05:37pm 14/12/2009
Miss Scarf
The foxes are rutting again.

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Gigs and tofu  
02:20pm 30/09/2009
Miss Scarf
Spearmint tonight.

And maybe a tofu steak.

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11:33am 18/01/2009
Miss Scarf
Tony Hart R.I.P.
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09:24pm 07/06/2008
Miss Scarf

I nearly died.
I am so unfit.

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